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Teri's seminars and workshops are designed to provide a supportive and motivational environment to those wishing to explore health and wellness from a holistic perspective. 

Event lengths include keynotes, lunch and learns, half-day workshops to week-long retreats. Zoom workshops and group coaching experiences are also available. Past affiliated organizations include IDEA Health & Fitness Association, Fitness Innovations Thailand, Canadian Fitness Pro events, Peak Performance Physical Therapy and Wellness, SCW Fitness Education, Academy of Applied Personal Training Education, JCC Manhattan, Hofstra University, Golden Door Spa, and Apple Inc.

There are many topic possibilities for workshops. From balancing hormones, boosting immunity, seasonal eating, why diets don't work, food beyond the calorie, brain health, holistic living, and meditative/mindfulness practices. All educational experiences will be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of your group or organization. Just ask!

Contact Teri at [email protected] to discuss presentation possibilities, availability, and fees.

Top Requested Programs

Beyond Diet: Intro to Holistic Living

Our relationship with food is a powerful teacher and initiator to healing. The key word—initiator. The journey to heal requires a well-rounded lifestyle that supports continued change. It requires we go deeper, past the physical, to the energetics of life. Within that aspect of being we find our mind, beliefs, and emotions. Using the most current understandings in neurobiology, consciousness research, and quantum physics, this workshop will explore the impact our beliefs and emotions have on health and ultimately our life experiences. Learn everyday practices from morning routines, meditations, awareness exercises, and the value of gratitude to heal wholly from the inside out. The result? Manifesting long-term health while learning to live with intention and purpose.

Holistic Approach to Balancing Hormones

Hormone imbalances manifest differently in all of us. Many struggle with digestive dysfunction, shortness of breath, and unrelenting fatigue. Some may find their blood pressure rising along with unexplained weight gain. Others struggle with their memory and emotions. However hormone imbalance is showing up, it's the body’s way of communicating that change is in order. It’s time to begin living differently. In this workshop, we will explore the underlying cause of hormone imbalances and learn food strategies and lifestyle behaviors to begin healing and restoring balance within.   

Why Diets Don't Work

The stats are grim: 95% of diets fail. Why? Long term weight loss simply takes having a different conversation, past the mainstream approaches of counting calories and macronutrients. In this presentation we explore the diet culture, obstacles of disordered eating along with the physiological and psychological reasons why conventional diets don't give long term results. It's time to get to the root of weight struggles (no it's not overeating and being sedentary) and what works for sustainable success. Let's reclaim our relationship with food and ultimately with ourselves. 

The Gut-Hormone Connection 

Did you know the digestive system has its own nervous system, contains brain receptors impacting our state of mind, and is home to the majority of the immune system? That the GI tract directly impacts hormone health—acting as a first line of defense against illness, while impacting mood, metabolism and quality of sleep? There’s more to the gut than a way to digest food and eliminate wastes. Its health is directly linked to our overall well-being. In this workshop I talk about the gut-brain axis, the latest on the microbiome, benefits of intermittent fasting, and give practical nutrition tips. The intention is to create a foundation of practices that produce a healthy gut, strong immunity and peaceful mind.

Food, Mood and Cravings 

Sweet, salty or high-fat—which one is your personal craving? More importantly, what’s the message behind it? Join me as I talk about the deeper implications of food cravings, aversions, and eating behaviors (it’s not physical hunger or nutrient need). Together we can develop a keen awareness and understanding of our relationship with food—as how we do food is how we do life. I'll start by sharing the deeper messages behind common cravings and how our gut and emotions are intricately linked. We’ll then explore hunger and fullness cues, intuitive and mindful eating, along with helpful strategies to manage emotional eating. Let's bring the how and why we eat into the conversation—understanding they are as important as what we eat.

Chakra Nutrition Workshop

When viewing food as medicine and a way of life, nutrition takes on a different meaning and purpose. Nutrition expands past the physical body’s needs and becomes a topic of nourishment—how cravings and aversions, addictions and binges, and conditioned beliefs and emotional state, also play a role. Join in this workshop as I share the connections and messages behind the most common food interactions—sweet cravings, aversion to fish, the daily coffee need, love affair with bread; to emotional eating and yoyo dieting. Each experience has a message for you. Come learn those connections, deepening your relationship with food and ultimately with yourself.

Finding Mindfulness through Food Workshop

From the pandemic to work to relationships, we all encounter stress and cope in personal ways. What if there were methods to diffuse stress quicker or before it even started? What if we used our relationship with food to help us figure that out? Come join me as I share the world of mindfulness—the latest in brain research, quick mindset practices, and food strategies to enhance cognitive function and state of mind. Let’s discover how to use our kitchen time to go beyond de-stressing—boosting confidence, creativity and compassion. You’ll walk away from this workshop with brain-supportive go-to foods and a fresh new way to approach the entire culinary experience—a way that will directly impact your health and everyday life.                    

Feed the Brain, Evolve the Mind

Consciousness research and the world of quantum physics is expanding our understandings of the brain and mind. Knowing we can give our brain functioning an upgrade and alter our genetic expression is changing the game of life. The brain is not fixed or hardwired and old dogs can certainly learn new tricks! In this workshop we explore how the brain is wired, what influences how we think, and what it takes to ultimately evolve the mind. Get ready for mindfulness exercises, food strategies for brain health, and the initial steps to creating a meditation practice. 

"I first heard Teri speak at the IDEA World Conference in Los Angeles, and she blew me away. I had never heard someone with such a hard-core science background talk about nutrition from such a holistic perspective. I immediately invited her to speak at JCC Manhattan, where she is now one of the cornerstones of the JCC's nutrition education program and is on our regular schedule as a speaker. Her lectures are attended by our members and community participants, as well as by our personal trainers and group fitness staff. I've worked privately with Teri as well. When I had a health crisis, the person I turned to for nutritional support was Teri. She helped me see that food is medicine and I learned how to heal and balance my body, mind and soul by what I eat. "

Caroline Kohles
Wellness Program Director JCC Manhattan

"Teri Mosey is an excellent presenter, with a unique approach to nutrition, based on the comprehensive knowledge and expertise she has developed over the years, including studies and experience in exercise physiology, holistic nutrition, Eastern and Western philosophies and culinary exploration. Teri has been an excellent addition to the Asia Fitness Conference’s line-up of presenters over the last 4 years: her down-to-earth approach, her focused yet engaging presentation style and her use of visuals and stories rather than words alone has helped to make her sessions attractive and fascinating to our multi-national and multi-lingual delegates. Her ability to adapt to different audiences is truly a reflection of her professionalism and her mastery of the subject matter."

Suzanne Hosley
Managing Director at Fitness Innovations Thailand

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