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Imagine healing from health struggles and doing the things in life you actually want to be doing. 
That means saying goodbye to inflammation, balancing hormones, boosting metabolism, and sleeping deeply.

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Gain Knowledge

The Hidden Messages in Food shares an East meets West approach as is takes you on a three stage journey to find out what your relationship with food is telling you. Find out what's behind food cravings, aversions, eating behaviors and even your beliefs about the meal in front of you. See the potential in looking at food through a holistic lens.

Begin Taking Action

The 8-WEEK Heal and Thrive Program is an opportunity to learn how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Simply eating well won't do it. Eating and exercising is still not enough. There is more to you than that. It takes inviting ALL of you into the conversation. It takes everyday actions that cross seven areas of your life. Are you ready to begin?

Get Personal Guidance

Imagine having the body and mind you want. How would your life be different? Think of all the things you would be doing and without health struggles. Don't wait any longer. Commit to a Holistic Living Coaching experience—an intensive six month personal journey with Teri. It is life-changing!

About Teri

Teri Mosey, PhD, is an international speaker, wellness consultant, health-supportive chef, and author of The Hidden Messages in Food. With twenty five years experience in the health and wellness industry and a unique pedigree of education, Teri is helping others heal from chronic health struggles, start feeling good again, and create lifestyles to sustain it...

Discover 5 Daily Actions to a Healthy You

HEALTH IS IN OUR EVERYDAY CHOICES. Take the first step to creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle with this free training

"There is a saying in yoga that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Lucky for me, I attended two of Teri's sessions at an IDEA Personal Trainer Conference. Since those sessions I've taken one of her online courses and have worked one on one with her. As I drink my scallion tea and now cook things I never dreamed I could, I include meeting Teri in my daily gratitude list. I'm warning you that her intuition is frighteningly accurate. Her understanding of eastern and western approaches to nutrition is encyclopedic. Her ability to transmit that knowledge at lightning speed is trance inducing and you are going to make changes and feel better whether you want to believe her or not. The craziest thing is you are going to love every minute of it. Her enthusiasm is boundless and her laugh lightens an entire room. Just commit and find a way to connect with her. Make yourself a ready student and hang on. Healing just became fun!"

Dean Marney

"I like to think of my time working with Teri as “My Journey to Happiness”! Teri taught me so much and I’m grateful for the way she guided me through my journey. I made a conscientious decision to do things differently in my life. The way I eat, the way I think, the way I act – all of which had a positive impact on the way I feel both physically & emotionally. My initial interest was learning about nutrition and losing weight. I’m so happy that I chose the holistic approach, because during my journey I learned that while it is important to be physically fit and maintain a healthy weight; it is just as important (maybe more so), to be emotionally well. Along with my weight loss, I no longer have heartburn issues, and less low back and shoulder pain. I am also more relaxed, less anxious and my self-talk is better. I feel a sense of peace. I will be forever grateful to Teri for leading me through my journey to happiness – truly one of the best experiences of my life!"

Alice Barker

"Having been a certified fitness professional for many years, I first met Teri at a workshop she was giving on hormones and nutrition. I was eager and ready to gain information and helpful tips to take back to my clients. Much to my surprise, I quickly learned she was speaking directly to me. Her message was one I first took in and applied to my own life. After that workshop, I decided to work with Teri one-on-one. She helped me in every way that I hoped, in several ways I could have never anticipated and in many areas I thought I was genuinely beyond help. She shared that my challenges were all connected and actually told a story. She redefined what holistic meant to me. She encouraged an exciting, refreshing new approach to food that healed me on many different levels. Teri brings together an eastern and western approach like no body else does. She has an enduring, positive energy and she envisioned my success before I even started. I'm forever grateful for how she's helped me change my life by inspiring me to change my nutrition."

Tammy Meyer

"Working with Teri was one of the best decisions I ever made. At a time when I didn’t think I had a moment to spare due to work deadlines, Teri was unflinching in her commitment to have me widen my scope, expand my focus, become more fluid with time, people and circumstances, and not only teach me life-changing daily practices, but be an abiding presence with guidance, lessons, and moral support too. I’ve been able to detach from the large emotional swings I was experiencing, and return more quickly to an internal sense of centeredness and balance. I’m flowing more easily with circumstances outside my control, and have not only found more pleasure in my work, but in many, many interests, some long forgotten, outside my work arena. I’m happier with my diet, sleep better (through the night, rather than interrupted); I feel well and healthy. Whether from better sleep, a deeper understanding and new habits of diet, cooking for myself again, or the synergy of all this and more, I’m finding I’m making better choices day to day, and even my intuition also seems more tuned in or “available” than previously—perhaps I’m experiencing less anxiety and fear. I look forward to continuing work with Teri whenever I can—so much more to learn. "

Wendy Sax


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