Meet Teri

"What I love about my work is sharing a way of living that touches all aspects of who we are; body, mind, and soul. That's where true healing resides. That's where life expands and becomes full of possibilities. My intention is to inspire, educate, and support others towards becoming the best version of themselves. When others make changes and begin to see the amazing possibilities in their life, it makes me smile at my core."

Teri Mosey, PhD, is an international speaker, consultant, author, and health-supportive chef. With over 20 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry and a unique pedigree of education, Teri has created a way to use our relationship with food as a pathway for personal growth; leading to sustainable, long term healing and change. 

Teri’s studies and career began with a bachelor's in biochemistry and master's in exercise physiology. Over the years, her perspective expanded opening doors to Eastern teachings which led to completion of a PhD degree in holistic nutrition along with the chef training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, the top health-supportive culinary school in the United States.

Her experiences include biochemistry laboratory research, exercise prescription design for therapeutic programs, holistic nutrition consulting and education, culinary demonstrations and hands-on cooking events, and speaking engagements for allied health professionals and community members around the world.

Let’s face it, the current mainstream approach to food, weight loss, and the prevention of chronic disease is falling short. What is needed is a profound shift in how we see food and ourselves, one that includes all that we are from a holistic, not reductionist, view. Teri’s approach provides that view, offering a transformational experience through food that supports a person to be multi-dimensional; a biological DNA blueprint, an energetic being, and a spiritual soul, all at once.  

Everything about the world we live in is shifting. We can see it in our struggles with humanity, the chronic illness epidemics to the growing interest in consciousness awareness. We are at the start of a paradigm shift and Teri is passionate about being a part of it. With her blend of education and experience, Teri bridges worldviews, speaks with a much needed honesty, and use of language to reach the masses.

Teri has presented keynotes, breakout sessions, and weeklong retreat events for organizations that include IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Fitness Innovations Thailand, Canadian Fitness Pro events, Academy of Applied Personal Training, JCC Manhattan, Hofstra University, Golden Door Spa, and Apple Inc..

In addition to speaking engagements, Teri offers online courses with built-in guidance and holistic living consultations. She maintains a client base across the United States helping others find the best nutrition and lifestyle strategies to heal and expand their human experience.

Teri's mission is to assist others in discovering their personal path to wellness. She passionately believes that anyone equipped with a dynamic foundation of knowledge, combined with personal responsibility and freedom of choice, can recognize the power within to co-create their health and ultimately their life.



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