What is your relationship with food telling you?

Everything about your relationship with food—cravings, aversions, behaviors and beliefs are a reflection of who you are and how you’re showing up to life. How you do food is how you do life. Yes, it’s that personal. Within these pages you’re invited to go beyond the calorie and diet mentality and get to know yourself on a deeper level. Learn what’s behind a caffeine addiction, chocolate craving and aversion to fish. Understand the implications of all-day snacking, stress eating and joining a food tribe. Take the steps to create a healthier relationship with food, and ultimately a healthier relationship with yourself.



The Hidden Messages in Food

Use your Relationship with Food to Unlock your True Potential

From cravings for sweets, to an aversion to fish, or why you like to eat until you feel full, to struggles with balancing hormones—these are reflections of who you are and the current circumstances of your life, along with the universal life lesson asking for your attention.

In The Hidden Messages in Food, Teri offers the answers everyone is hungry for. Through three stages of exploration, she shows how your relationship with food becomes a reflection of who you are and how you are living. She discusses that who you are at your deepest core is behind food cravings, aversions, eating behaviors, and conditioned beliefs about food. Taking a holistic approach, Teri uses a blend of ancient wisdom and the current understandings of mind-body physiology, to create a personal map, going layers deep to a place of self-healing and discovery.

The Hidden Messages in Food presents a transformative approach to diet and nutrition, one that can shift your fundamental relationship with food and life as you move through the three stages. It presents an opportunity for you to develop a healthy relationship with food and heal challenges such as anxiety and depression, hormone imbalances, chronic digestive issues, weight struggles, and low immunity. This guide teaches you a new way to make food choices that personally fit your true nature—who you are as a whole being—body, mind, and soul.


My intention behind this book is to introduce you to the holistic world. The conversation I am creating here does not remain within the realm of food. It trickles into the rest of your life. Why? Because everything in life is that connected. Your relationship with food is simply the practice ground to evolving who you are. It’s never just about the food. It’s who you become as you evolve that relationship. So I invite you to explore the deeper questions. I welcome you to take this holistic perspective outside the kitchen and into your life. That's what this entire journey is all about—exploring yourself on a deeper level and finding wholeness. Your relationship with food is simply the pathway to take you there!

As you take this journey, I make one request. Please bring your sense of humor along for the ride. We take ourselves way too seriously!

I wish you the best and look forward to the time when our paths cross.



What people are saying...

"So many times we struggle with our lives, not realizing what is going on. Is it mental? physical? emotional? After reading this book, I have come to the conclusion that all three are interconnected! Each has a definite impact on the others. Teri has shown us how this is. Clear and easy to read, you are taken on a journey through the connections of mind, body and soul. So many people look for quick fixes to their lives. This book helps us explore our innermost being. It guides us through an easy path to understanding how we can become true to ourselves by the choices we can make. It is amazing to see how food has such a big impact on all of it! Listening to our body ailments, looking at our relationships with others (as well as ourselves) to what we are craving and eating, play a part in our whole being. By just paying attention to these things, we can make changes that will last a lifetime! This is a great guide that I know I will be using in many years to come!"

Margaret Logan

"I have just begun my journey, reading this book. The book speaks to me with clarity and explains what I have felt for years. Our relationship with food is much larger than the chemical reaction it has in our body and is not limited to a physical process. Many people do not understand their relationship with food and are constantly looking for someone to tell them what to put in their mouth. This book asks you to think about and start to make those decisions for yourself and to have the advantage of living an authentic life based on a new response and interaction with the food that could spill over into other aspects of our lives, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. "

Lance Gaylord

"While coming from a very intelligent and cross educated platform, Teri makes this book easy to read and understand. She’s not intimidating, but rather open, honest and light. I used this book to better understand how food works with the body, but to further my knowledge of eating “In Season” and to feed the chakras. She gives great suggestions to help start you new way to, as she calls it, becoming your authentic self”. There’s delicious recipes included too."

Amazon Reader Review

"Wow. What a unique perspective on food! This is definitely not a diet book but rather a personal experience through food that uses a mix of Eastern and Western philosophies. It speaks to the reader on many levels - physical, mental and spiritual. I thought the book was well written and organized, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their way of thinking about food and health!"

Michele Vivona

"Here is what I know about Teri---she is really, really smart and scary intuitive. Her new book is packed with complex information presented in a direct, loving, and totally open way. She doesn't seem to be hiding anything! You read her and feel like she is your best bud supporting you all the way to better health and life. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't beat around the bush or make it simple by just telling you what to eat. She knows the complexity of our relationship to food, honors who we are right now, and how difficult and necessary real change is. She is a true shaman of the kitchen moving the reader from physical, energetic, and spiritual planes with ease. I've never understood TCM or Ayurvedic approaches to food. She makes both systems workable and empowering. This book is guaranteed to press some of your buttons---that is what makes it really good! "

Dean Marney

"After reading Teri's blog for the last year I felt like she knew me and how I felt at different times of the year. I was really excited to finally read her book. I usually would not read health books but her book really resonated with me. Teri has such a great perspective and a clear way of presenting her ideas. Just loved the book and now I can't wait to try the recipes she has in it."

Amazon Reader Review

"I can't say enough good things about this book and the author Teri! Prepare to be intrigued about so much more than nutrition. All of the physical symptoms I accepted over time because I lived with them for so long I no longer deal with. I sleep through the night. My wrist pain and back pain are gone. I no longer use medication for rosacea. I have learned so much about myself through exploring new foods and recipes and by allowing Teri's words and positive energy to jump off the pages of her book and into my life. What a gift!"

Amazon Reader Review

"Really enjoyed this book and the insightful approach it took in explaining life and the food we eat!"

Ryan Devir

"I read this book and was amazed at the wellspring of important information I learned about my nutrition and eating habits . I also was enlightened about our energy centers and how the chakras are influenced by our behaviors , food choices and emotions . Ms Mosey ‘s book is a personal journey , written clearly and concisely and you will come away with a new perspective on how your body , mind and soul functions . Read it !!!!"

Jeri Strohschein

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