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Teri's seminars and workshops are designed to provide a supportive and motivational environment to those wishing to explore the holistic paradigm. 

Event lengths include keynotes, lunch and learns, half-day workshops to week-long retreats. Past affiliated organizations include IDEA Health & Fitness Association, Fitness Innovations Thailand, Canadian Fitness Pro events, Academy of Applied Personal Training Education, JCC Manhattan, Hofstra University, Golden Door Spa, and Apple Inc.

There are many topic possibilities for workshops. From balancing hormones, boosting immunity, chakra nutrition, eating in sync with the seasons, nourishing the heart, brain health, mindfulness, and meditative practices. All educational experiences will be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of your group or organization. Just ask!

Contact Teri at [email protected] to discuss presentation possibilities, availability, and fees.

Top Requested Programs

Exploring Food Beyond the Calorie

Exploring Food beyond the Calorie is the FIRST STAGE to creating a new relationship with food and transforming your life. Mainstream trends have us in a counting calories and nutrient focused approach to food. Within this presentation you will be introduced to a new way to relate to food; one that fits an updated, 21st century, body-mind model of physiology. During this presentation, we will create a complete representation of food; bringing ALL of food’s traits into the conversation. Did you know that that food has thermal natures, energetic properties, and its own chemical signature that communicates with your DNA? That everything about your eating experience matters! Through the exploration of food’s characteristics and their influences on our health, you will learn how to make practical food choices not just in times of health imbalances but also for overall well-being.

Eating in Sync with the Seasons

Eating in Sync with the Seasons is the SECOND STAGE to creating a new relationship with food and transforming your life. Do you ever find that you get a cold at the same time each year? Or experience certain physical symptoms; say as the Spring season is arriving? If we took the time to watch nature, it's constantly guiding us. Ancient healing philosophies teach us that everything that is happening in our external environment is happening within us. We are considered miniature universes. Using our relationship with food and nature as our guide, we will travel through the seasons exploring ways to align with nature, enhance our well-being, and ultimately connect to our true nature within. This presentation goes one step deeper into the holistic journey through food by going past the physical into the energetics of life. As we bring awareness to Nature’s cycles, an opportunity is provided to understand its qualities, gain a sense of our innate potential and discover our true Nature.

Chakra Nutrition

Chakra Nutrition is the THIRD STAGE in the holistic journey through food. This is where the deepest meaning within our relationship with food is explored. Here, our soul’s journey becomes part of the conversation. Using the body's energy centers or chakras as our guide, this presentation explores the hidden messages within food that can guide us towards healing and discovering our most authentic self.  Our personal evolution is built into our biology. Through food’s characteristics, cravings and aversions, addictions and binges, thoughts and conditioned beliefs, we can take our food choices all the way back to the universal consciousness; to the life lessons asking for our attention. Everything in life is that connected. In this presentation, you will learn how our relationship with food can be the initiator to heal and a pathway to our own evolution. 

Feed the Brain, Evolve the Mind

From ancient teachings to the second science revolution of quantum physics, the understandings of the brain and mind continue to expand. What is currently known is that transforming the brain’s function, overriding genetic programming, and ultimately changing our state of mind is possible. In this presentation, we will explore how the brain is wired, what influences how we think, and what it takes to have a healthy brain and ultimately a peaceful mind. Discussion will include mindful exercises, food strategies for brain health, and the initial steps to creating a meditation practice. 

Holistic Approach to Balancing Hormones

Hormone imbalances manifest differently in all of us. Many struggle with digestive dysfunction, shortness of breath, and unrelenting fatigue. Some may find their blood pressure rising along with unexplained weight gain. Others struggle with their memory and emotions. However hormone imbalance is showing up, it's the body’s way of communicating that change is in order. It’s time to begin living differently. Within this presentation, we will explore the messages behind hormones on all levels of who you are; body, mind, and soul. The intention is to get to the underlying message behind hormone imbalances and learn how to rebuild a new foundation to operate from. Attendees will learn food strategies and lifestyle behaviors to begin healing and supporting hormone balance long term.   

Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

With 95% of those who diet gaining the weight back in a year, it's time for a new approach that fits a more 21st century understanding of body-mind physiology. Long-term weight loss takes having a different conversation, past the mainstream approaches of counting calories and grams of protein. Within this presentation we will explore how weight struggles impact us physically, energetically, and spiritually. This holistic approach invites all of you to the table, creating a space to heal and sustain it. Practical guidance through food strategies and lifestyle behaviors will be offered to assist in getting to the root of weight struggles and making long-lasting change.

10 Steps to Creating a Meditation Practice

We can shift our diet and create the perfect exercise program, but if our mind is lacking peace and clarity, our overall well-being will decline. What does it take to begin living mindfully? How do we create a practice that supports mental clarity, inner peace, and an expansion of cognitive abilities? We find stillness. We meditate. Join me in this workshop as I share with you the current understandings of consciousness and take you through steps to create a meditation practice. Leave this workshop experiencing a practice that can change your life. 

Cook and Meditate Workshop

What if our time in the kitchen stopped being a chore and became a form of meditation? In this interactive workshop, we will experience the kitchen as our next meditation studio. Through discussions on mindfulness, and a hands on cooking and eating meditation, attendees will experience how mindful cooking creates a space for mental clarity, peaceful states of mind, and a boost in confidence that can be taken outside the kitchen and into their lives.  No matter what food trend is hitting mainstream, it's never just about the food. It’s our interaction with the food; on a physical, energetic, and soul level. Take this opportunity to experience how the kitchen is merely a practice ground for personal growth and living a more expansive life.

Upcoming Public Events

Asia Fitness Conference

Date: October 5-7, 2018

Location: Bangkok, TH


Teri will be presenting on 6 topics:

  • What's Behind Your Food Craving?
  • Transform the Brain through Food
  • Manage Stress and Tension with Food
  • 10 Steps to Creating a Meditation Practice
  • 10 Best Food Practices for Longevity
  • Exploring Food Beyond the Calorie

JCC Manhattan Nutrition Program

Date: November 16, 2017, 7pm-9pm

Location: New York, NY


Food as Medicine

Combining thousands of years of practice using food as a way of life with the current understandings in scientific research, a paradigm to use food as medicine has emerged. Come joining us for a lively discussion on how food heals, improves our everyday lives, and can even serve as a pathway for self-exploration and growth. The session will explore natural remedies from your pantry to feed your body, mind, and soul. Learn how improving your relationship with food can be the first step to becoming the best version of yourself.

canfitpro Vancouver

Date: October 28-29, 2017

Location: Vancouver, BC


Teri will be presenting on:

  • Feed the Brain, Evolve the Mind
  • Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

Asia Fitness Conference

Date: October 7-9, 2017

Location: Bangkok, TH


Teri will be presenting on 4 topics:

  • Holistic Approach to Weight Loss
  • Balancing Hormones through Nutrition
  • Exploring Food Beyond the Calorie
  • Feed the Brain, Evolve the Mind


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Contact Teri at [email protected] to discuss presentation possibilities, availability, and fees.

"I first heard Teri speak at the IDEA World Conference in Los Angeles, and she blew me away. I had never heard someone with such a hard-core science background talk about nutrition from such a holistic perspective. I immediately invited her to speak at JCC Manhattan, where she is now one of the cornerstones of the JCC's nutrition education program and is on our regular schedule as a speaker. Her lectures are attended by our members and community participants, as well as by our personal trainers and group fitness staff. I've worked privately with Teri as well. When I had a health crisis, the person I turned to for nutritional support was Teri. She helped me see that food is medicine and I learned how to heal and balance my body, mind and soul by what I eat. "

Caroline Kohles
Wellness Program Director JCC Manhattan

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