"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela

Holistic Living Online Courses

The Hidden Messages in Food Online Course 

The Hidden Messages in Food Online Course presents a transformative approach to diet and nutrition, one that can shift your fundamental relationship with food and life as you move through the three stages. It presents an opportunity for you to develop a healthy relationship with food and heal challenges such as anxiety and depression, hormone imbalances, chronic digestive issues, weight struggles, and immune-related illness. This course teaches you a new way to make food choices that personally fit your true nature—who you are as a whole being—body, mind, and soul.

Stage 1: Exploring Food Beyond the Calorie

Within this stage you will be introduced to a new way to relate to food; one that fits an updated, mind-body model of physiology. Mainstream trends have us in a counting calories and nutrient focused approach to food. It’s time to go beyond the limits of a mechanical approach and create a complete representation of food; bringing ALL of food’s traits into the conversation. Did you know that that food has thermal natures, energetic properties, and its own chemical signature that communicates with your DNA? That everything about your eating experience matters? This includes the food’s origin, preparation, to even your state of mind and conditioned beliefs about the meal before you.  Through the exploration of food’s characteristics and their influences on your health, you will learn how to make practical food choices not just in times of health imbalances but also for overall well-being. 

Stage 2: Eating in Sync with the Seasons

Do you ever find that you get a cold at the same time each year? Or experience certain physical symptoms; say as the Spring season is arriving? If we took the time to watch nature, it's constantly guiding us. Ancient healing philosophies teach us that everything that is happening in our external environment is happening within us. We are considered miniature universes. Using our relationship with food and nature as our guide, we will travel through the seasons exploring ways to align with nature, enhance our well-being, and ultimately connect to our true nature within. This second stage goes one step deeper into the holistic journey through food by going past the physical into the energetics of life. As we bring awareness to Nature’s cycles, an opportunity is provided to understand its qualities, gain a sense of our innate potential, and discover our true Nature.

Stage 3: Chakra Nutrition

This is where the deepest meaning within our relationship with food is explored. Here our soul’s journey becomes part of the conversation. Using the body's energy centers or chakras as our guide, this stage explores the hidden messages in food that can guide us towards healing and discovering our most authentic self.  Our personal evolution is built into our biology. Through food’s characteristics, cravings and aversions, addictions and binges, thoughts and conditioned beliefs, we can take our food choices all the way back to the universal consciousness; to the life lessons asking for our attention. Everything in life is that connected. In this final stage, you will learn how your relationship with food can be the initiator to heal and a pathway to your own evolution. 



Holistic Approach to Balancing Hormones Online Course

Hormone imbalances manifest differently in all of us. Many struggle with digestive dysfunction, shortness of breath, and unrelenting fatigue. Some may find their blood pressure rising along with unexplained weight gain. Others struggle with their memory and emotions. However hormone imbalance is showing up, it's the body’s way of communicating that change is in order. It’s time to begin living differently. Through this online course, you will explore the messages behind hormones on all levels of who you are; body, mind, and soul. True healing takes going past the physical to the depth of who you are. You will discover how everything is connected and be presented with dietary and lifestyle choices to begin your journey to heal and create long lasting change.

Course includes:

  • Introduction to the Holistic Paradigm
  • Hormones and Stress
  • Three Levels of Hormone Imbalances: physical, energetic, and spiritual
  • Food Strategies to initiate the healing process
  • Lifestyle Behaviors to reinforce food strategies and support long term changes
  • Access to Teri throughout the course to ask questions and clarify what you are learning
  • Community built into the course for support and sharing experiences
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) 0.4 CEC Credits 

Holistic Approach to Weight Loss Online Course

Does the saying,” I’ve been on every diet out there” resonate with you? With 95% of those who diet gaining the weight back in a year, society is hungry for a new approach. This course goes past the current trends of counting calories and takes the holistic journey through food. The messages behind weight on all levels of being; body, mind, and soul along with eating and lifestyle strategies will be explored. It’s time to invite all of you to table, get to the origin of weight struggles, and find long lasting success. 

Course includes: 

  • Introduction to the Holistic Paradigm
  • Three Levels of Weight Loss: physical, energetic, and spiritual
  • Food Strategies to initiate the healing process
  • Lifestyle Behaviors to reinforce food strategies and support long term change
  • Access to Teri throughout the course to ask questions and clarify what you are learning
  • Community built into the course for support and sharing experiences
  • Lifetime access to course
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) 0.2 CEC Credits

"I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Teri- an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to explore and expand their relationship with food. Teri has helped me become the best version of myself through food. Overall, I cannot say enough about how this experience has shifted the way I view food, what I think is possible, and how I feel on a daily basis. "

Lindsay Lookingbill

"The Holistic Approach to Weight Loss is the doorway to realization. As a society we so often do not take the “whole” of us into consideration when trying to figure out our health issues. In today’s world where so many of us struggle with weight issues, we so often embark on the same endless journeys that lead to nowhere. Teri’s course not only gives us great insight into the world of our physical being, but also enlightens us to the world of our energetic and spiritual being. These all equally play a crucial role when addressing weight loss. If your goal is to improve your health, and get rid of excess weight, this is the course that will layout, in simple terms, how to approach this journey in not only a healthy way, but a way that will be life changing and have lasting results."

Faith Freeman

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