The Hidden Messages in Food Online Course

Take your relationship with food past the physical...


Why take this course?

  • Develop a healthier relationship with food. Imagine how it would feel to stop that love/hate or binge/diet relationship that is so often experienced.
  • Understanding what's behind food cravings and aversions so you can choose differently next time they arise. (The ability to change is directly related to your level of awareness)
  • Find ways to step out of your comfort zone. (that’s where life starts!)
  • Heal from chronic health issues—hormone imbalances, weight struggles, immune-related illness, anxiety, and depression. (Imagine life without these ailments!)
  • Creating a mindset that invites flexibility and adaptability into your life. (the keys to longevity)
  • Finding connection between food choices, health struggles, and life circumstances. Yes everything in life is that connected! (this is not “woo-woo”, it is scientifically verifiable!)
  • Expanding your life experience. Your relationship with food and experiences in the kitchen become the practice ground to learn self-care, boost confidence, heighten awareness, ignite creativity, and ultimately evolve who you are!

What topics will this course explore?

  • Why is calorie counting inaccurate and misleading?
  • Do our food choices impact our genes? If so, how?
  • What factors actually play a role in how we digest and assimilate food?
  • How does eating in harmony with nature impact my health?
  • What food recommendations support the change in seasons?
  • Why do we crave sweets when life isn't going as planned? 
  • Why is it that we can't justify cooking a meal if it's just for us? 
  • What's behind long-term weight struggles and the inability to get over that dieting hump? 
  • What's the connection between the types of fats we eat and our need for control?
  • What makes someone a picky eater?
  • What's the deeper message surrounding an aversion to fish?
  • Is there a reason why we choose to eat until we physically feel full?
  • What’s the connection between carb cravings and self-esteem?
  • What's behind having our entire eating regimen pre-planned, timely eaten throughout the day, counting every morsel of food?
  • Is there a deeper meaning behind calling ourselves a Paleo or a Vegan?

Need more details?

Course Features

The Hidden Messages in Food Online Course presents a transformative approach to diet and nutrition, one that can shift your fundamental relationship with food and life as you move through the three stages. It presents an opportunity for you to develop a healthy relationship with food and heal challenges such as anxiety and depression, hormone imbalances, chronic digestive issues, weight struggles, and immune-related illness. This course teaches you a new way to make food choices that personally fit your true nature—who you are as a whole being—body, mind, and soul.

Stage 1: Exploring Food Beyond the Calorie 

Within this stage you will be introduced to a new way to relate to food; one that fits an updated, mind-body model of physiology. Mainstream trends have us in a counting calories and nutrient focused approach to food. It’s time to go beyond the limits of a mechanical approach and create a complete representation of food; bringing ALL of food’s traits into the conversation. Did you know that that food has thermal natures, energetic properties, and its own chemical signature that communicates with your DNA? That everything about your eating experience matters? This includes the food’s origin, preparation, to even your state of mind and conditioned beliefs about the meal before you.  Through the exploration of food’s characteristics and their influences on your health, you will learn how to make practical food choices not just in times of health imbalances but also for overall well-being. 

  • Introduction to Holistic Paradigm
  • Exploring Food's Physical Properties
  • The Energetic Characteristics of Food
  • The Origin, Preparation, and Eating Environment
  • Supportive Lifestyle Behaviors


Stage 2: Eating in Sync with the Seasons

Do you ever find that you get a cold at the same time each year? Or experience certain physical symptoms; say as the Spring season is arriving? If we took the time to watch nature, it's constantly guiding us. Ancient healing philosophies teach us that everything that is happening in our external environment is happening within us. We are considered miniature universes. Using our relationship with food and nature as our guide, we will travel through the seasons exploring ways to align with nature, enhance our well-being, and ultimately connect to our true nature within. This second stage goes one step deeper into the holistic journey through food by going past the physical into the energetics of life. As we bring awareness to Nature’s cycles, an opportunity is provided to understand its qualities, gain a sense of our innate potential, and discover our true Nature.

  • Introduction to Energetics of Life
  • Elements of Nature Overview
  • Wood Element Essence, Spring Season, and Food Recommendations
  • Fire Element Essence, Summer Season, and Food Recommendations
  • Earth Element Essence, Season Transitions, and Food Recommendations
  • Metal Element Essence, Autumn Season, and Food Recommendations
  • Water Element Essence, Winter Season, and Food Recommendations


Stage 3: Chakra Nutrition

This is where the deepest meaning within our relationship with food is explored. Here our soul’s journey becomes part of the conversation. Using the body's energy centers or chakras as our guide, this stage explores the hidden messages in food that can guide us towards healing and discovering our most authentic self.  Our personal evolution is built into our biology! Through food’s characteristics, cravings and aversions, addictions and binges, thoughts and conditioned beliefs, we can take our food choices all the way back to the universal consciousness; to the life lessons asking for our attention. Everything in life is that connected. In this final stage, you will learn how your relationship with food can be the initiator to heal and a pathway to your own evolution. 

  • Introduction to Food and Spirituality
  • Chakra Anatomy
  • Root Chakra Essence and Food Recommendations
  • Sacral Chakra Essence and Food Recommendations
  • Solar Plexus Essence and Food Recommendations
  • Heart Chakra Essence and Food Recommendations
  • Throat Chakra Essence and Food Recommendations
  • Third Eye Chakra Essence and Food Recommendations
  • Crown Chakra Essence and Food Recommendations
  • Practical Application of the Holistic Journey through Food


Additional Features

  • Community built into the course for support and sharing experiences
  • Discussion forum and self-reflective questions
  • Access to Teri throughout the course to ask questions and clarify what you are learning
  • Lifetime access to course (Go through a section of the course, ask questions, and implement some strategies. Come back and do that again as many times as you wish.)
  • PDF Summary charts to assist in putting the information to practice
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Continuing Education Credit Approved (2.0 CECs)
  • 14 day money back guarantee



  • Whole Foods Recipes
  • Chakra Meditation Video
  • Exercise Physiology 101 Video 

Take that first step toward becoming the best version of yourself.

"There is a saying in yoga that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Teri’s understanding of eastern and western approaches to nutrition is encyclopedic. Her ability to transmit that knowledge at lightning speed is trance inducing and you are going to make changes and feel better whether you want to believe her or not. The craziest thing is you are going to love every minute of it. Just commit and find a way to connect with her. Make yourself a ready student and hang on. Healing just became fun!"

Dean Marney

"I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Teri-an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to explore and expand their relationship with food. Teri has helped me become the best version of myself through food. Overall, I cannot say enough about how this experience has shifted the way I view food, what I think is possible, and how I feel on a daily basis."

Lindsay Lookingbill

"Teri redefined what holistic meant to me. She encouraged an exciting, refreshing new approach to food that healed me on many different levels. She helped me in every way that I hoped, in several ways I could have never anticipated and in many areas I thought I was genuinely beyond help. She shared that my challenges were all connected and actually told a story. Teri brings together an eastern and western approach like nobody else does. She has an enduring, positive energy and she envisioned my success before I even started. I'm forever grateful for how she's helped me change my life by inspiring me to change my nutrition."

Tammy Meyer

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